How to Adjust Mini Cooper Front Camber

OE Front Camber Adjustment/Nylon Stud Removal
Add Up to -.9 deg Camber to the Stock Mini Setup

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Mini Coopers need more negative front camber for anything other than straight line racing and driving. Increasing negative camber allows more even tire wear and improves lateral load traction. Here’s a way to get a little FREE negative front camber. That is, nearly free; this is a built-in solution so there are no parts to buy, but you’ll need an alignment after.

Tools Needed to Adjust The Mini Coopers Camber

Short Screw
Screw Driver
Car Stands
Hydraulic Jack

Mini Cooper Camber Adjustment Procedure:
Place the front of the vehicle on stands, apply tape around the base of the nylon stud to protect the paint, screw a short screw in the top of the nylon stud to prevent it from collapsing when gripped, grasp with pliers and extract the stud.
Pull Mini Cooper Nylon Strut Plug
Place a jack under the Mini Coopers front wheel, loosen the strut nuts and lift the wheel enough to raise the nuts from the strut tower, reach above the tire and push the strut towards the engine. Tighten the nuts to 25 ft-lb. Remove the jack and lower the vehicle.

Original Post from Keith Owner and operator of Werkin Mini.  The post can be found at the Motoring Alliance Forums

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