Mini Cooper Rear SwayBar Installation

How to Install a Anti Sway Bar on A Mini Cooper

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Increase your Mini Coopers potential by upgrading the sway bar.  An upgraded swaybar will help your Mini Cooper put more traction to the road and balance your cars handling.

Tools Needed:

13mm, 16mm, 17 mm, and 21mm sockets
17mm open end wrench
Breaker bar
Socket extension
Pry bar
Torque wrench
Automotive jack
Jack stands
Wheel chucks
Tools for Mini Cooper Sway Bar Install
Lift Your Mini Cooper high enough to work underneath the rear, support the rear of the Mini with stands and place wheel chucks in front of the front wheels. Remove the rear wheels using a 17mm socket and breaker bar. Use a 17mm open end wrench behind the swaybar on the drop link bolt to hold it while removing the nut with a 16mm socket and ratchet.
Mini Cooper Swaybar Drop Link Bolt
Take the brake line and ABS sensor wire off the strut.
Mini Cooper ABS and Brake sensor wire
Loosen the rear strut lower support bolt with a 21mm socket.
Mini Cooper Rear lower strut bolt
Remove both struts’ upper bolts with a 13mm socket.
Mini Cooper Strut Upper bolt
Move the strut out of the way on one side, and on the side the bar is to be pulled from, remove the strut entirely.
Cooper Strut Removal
Remove the outer subframe bolts with a 16mm socket; a long breaker bar will make it easier to loosen the bolt and a socket extension to help access it, use a ratchet to unscrew the rest of the way out.
Mini Cooper Rear subframe bolts
Remove the inner subframe bolts.
Mini Inner subframe bolts
With the subframe disconnected and lowered slightly, a ratchet will fit above the rear bolt head on the swaybar bracket; remove the sway bar brackets.
Mini Cooper Swaybar Brackets
Use a prybar to persuade the subframe to drop a little more, allowing the swaybar end over the subframe bracket. Caution, only force the subframe the minimum distance required to let the swaybar past.
Mini Subframe lowering
The MCS has battery cables routed behind the subframe; take care when pulling the swaybar out. A standard Cooper doesn’t have these in the way.
Mini Cooper S MCS Battery cable by subframe
Install the new swaybar in reverse procedure.
Install new Anti Swaybar
Fasten the swaybar bushing mounting brackets; apply torque at 14 ft-lb.

Start the outside subframe bolts first. In order to align the subframe hole with the chassis bolt hole, grasp the swaybar, push upward and towards the vehicle’s front. Screw the bolt in about half way.
Installation of Mini Cooper Swaybar
If it’s difficult to get things to line up, use something that will insert into the alignment hole on the subframe bracket, leveraging the subframe into place. I’m using a centering bar in this picture.
Alignment bar
Move the struts back to their original orientation. Install the subframe center bolts; screw in until almost tight, also screw in the outer subframe bolts until almost tight, tighten the middle bolts, then the outer bolts. Loosen the bolts again to allow the subframe to release some tension, starting with the middle bolts torque to 74 ft-lb.

Place the jack’s lift pad under the trailing arm and raise the strut into position so the upper mounting bolts can be fastened; torque the bolts to 41 ft-lb.
Install Mini Cooper Struts
Torque the rear strut lower mount bolts to 103 ft-lb.

Attach the swaybar drop links and torque to 41 ft-lb

Put the brake cable and ABS wire back in their places on the strut body.

Mount the wheels; in a cross pattern, torque the lug bolts to 89 ft-lb, and lower the vehicle

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