Mini Cooper DIY R56 Cooper S Oil Change

How To Change Your Turbo Charged Mini Cooper S Oil 2007+

Feel like saving yourself some money by changing your MINI Coopers oil?   This guide will show you how-to change your own oil and oil filter.


6 Quarts 5w30 oil (uses 4.4 quarts)
Oil Filter Kit
Socket set with a long extension… I used two together to reach the filter cap.
8mm hex socket or T-50 hex head oil drain plug.
8mm wrench to remove the coolant tank.
27mm socket for the oil filter cap.
Towels and cleaning supplies.
Rubber Gloves
Oil Catch Pan
Sheet for catching the stray oil.

Set the car up on ramps or on a secured jack.
Mini Cooper on ramps oil changeNext I loosened the oil filler cap and unscrewed the 8mm hex socket or T-50 hex head for the oil drain.  Not all the way!  Put on rubber gloves and slide oil catch can underneith.

MINI oil Drain boltLoosen the oil plug bolt and allow the oil to drain into the catch can you placed below.  After the oil has drained loosen the (8mm wrench) coolent resevoir and move to the side.

oil filtercoolenthousingUse the 27mm socket to unscrew the oil filter cap, removed it from the car, wipe everything clean,  Above you can see the socket and extension that was used for unscrewing the filter cap…

Mini cooper oil filterNow Reinstalled the oil drain plug (22.0 lbs/ft), and then the new filter and assembly(18.5 lbs/ft) added 4.4 quarts (roughly) of engine oil(do not reuse the old seals and make sure to use the new drain plug washer).

To Reset Service Indicators such as the Oil Service Interval.

To enter the service Menu:

Insert Key

Do not press clutch / brake

Press Start button

Wait until the Car / revelant Service symbol disappears on the Rev counter display

Immediately after the symbol goes out – Press and hold Both buttons on the Rev Counter

Continue to hold – the system will run a dash light check

Continue to hold

Display will then show VIN / Menu, – continue to hold through this until the time Reappears on the display.

Now release Only the Right hand Button (trip reset) for about a second, and then press and hold again (whilst still holding the LH button)

After another second or 2 the display will show the Front Brake Symbol You Are

Now in the Service Menu

Use the BC Button (on indicator stalk) to scroll through to the relevant symbol – eg Oil Reset or Rear Brakes

To Reset the warning indicator light – Press & Hold the BC Button at the revelant symbol until RESET appears – then press and hold again until the process is complete.

Turn Off and On the Ignition again – Warning should now have gone!

528im52 was nice enough to put this great how to video on youtube.  It features how to do a top side oil change using the BMP Topside Oil changer.


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