ALTA Front Mount Intercooler Installation Mini Cooper Turbo

How to Install an ALTA Front Mount Intercooler FMIC Into your

Second Generation Turbo Charged Mini Cooper.Alta Turbo Mini Cooper Front Mount

ALTA Performance has designed a Front Mount Intercooler that not only looks great but Provides a significant improvement in Horsepower and Torque.

In a very short amount of time you can get one of the biggest horsepower increases for your Mini Cooper S or JCW

Parts included with the ALTA R56 Front Mount Intercooler are:

ALTA R56 Front Mounted Intercooler
Bubble on Side Trim
Zip Ties

Removal Of Front Bumper and OEM Intercooler:

1. Open hood, locate and remove (6) pop-its fasteners from upper grill.

2. Remove the lower Chrome trim from your Mini Coopers upper grill. Trim is released by pulling up on small tabs on back of trim.

3. Locate 4 tabs sticking out from lower part of upper grill and push to side to release upper grill.

4. Locate the 2 Torx Screws behind grill and remove.

5. Remove 4 screw-in pop-it fasteners on lower half of inner fender liner on both side of your Mini Cooper.

6. Locate and remove fog light cover on inside of fender well, and unplug fog lights and driving light plugs.
On passenger side, locate and unplug air temp sensor.

7. Pull back your Mini Coopers fender liner, locate and remove side marker plug, and pop-it connector holding upper and lower bumper together.

8. Remove first 3 points of connection on fender flair.  To release fittings use needle noise pliers to squeeze fitting from behind. (Note:These fittings are fragile, be careful when pulling bottom half of fender flair)

9. With lower part of fender flair pulled back, locate and remove (Torx) screw behind fender flair holding bumper skin to body.

10. Under bottom of bumper, locate and remove 2 Torx screws and 4 Pop-it fasteners.

11. Carefully remove bumper from car, and place on smooth clean surface.

12. Locate 2 torx bits holding OEM intercooler to chassis, and remove.

13. Take note as to direction hose clamps were facing before loosening.
Loosen clamps securing boost tubes to intercooler.
Note: Using a bent awl will help to free up rubber boost tube around intercooler.

14. Remove intercooler from car by carefully pulling and twisting intercooler from boost tubes.

15. Using picture below, locate and trim off plastic bracket that is in front of AC condenser.
Test fit ALTA intercooler to chassisto ensure enough has been removed.
Note: Using an Air tool, or Dremel tool will make for easy removal of plastic.

16. Due to the tight clearance between intercooler inlets and chassis, some shaving of plastic may be needed.
We recommend temporarily installing intercooler to determine if clearance needs to be made.
Using Dremel Tool or Air tool, remove material as needed.

17. Install ALTA intercooler in place of Mini Cooper’s OEM intercooler, and connect boost tubes to intercooler.
Before tightening clamps, ensure they are positioned properly to allow access to nut.

18. Once intercooler is installed and hose clamps are tightened, install supplied trim to upper edge of bumper beam.
Face the “bubble” part of trim toward intercooler.
The trim is used to add insulation between intercooler core and beam.
Note: Remove “bubble” portion from trim where it passes over intercooler core on outside edges.

19. Start car and make sure no Check engine lights appear, and engine runs smoothly.
If engine runs rough or CEL is on, check for poor seal/connection of boost tube to intercooler.

20. On back of bumper locate Air temp sensor and unclip from bumper and ziptie to wire harness.
21. On backside of bumper, locate small diverter and trim from bumper using X-acto or razerblade knife.

22. Determine if OEM grill is to be left in bumper. If grill is to be left in bumper, temporarily install bumper to car and locate tabs on backside of bumper and trim down slightly to add clearance.

23. If grill is to be removed, unsnap from bumper opening, and install bumper cover onto car.
Locate tabs that interfere with intercooler and trim off.

24. Once bumper cover is trimmed, reinstall back onto chassis. Start with step number 10 and work backwards.

25. Once installation is complete, again, start car and make sure no check engine lights appear.

Picture of Fully Installed Intercooler

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Available in Both Silver and Stealth Black
Alta Turbo Mini Cooper Front Mount

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