How to Install Dension ICE Link Into Your Mini Cooper

Install a Dension ICE Link into an R50/52/53 MINI.

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Please check out their site its very well laid out and I must say the graphics are very eye pleasing.

The donor Mini Cooper t is Gosia’s R52 Blackeye Purple Cabrio (, and her stereo is of the boost variety. However, it will work equally well with wave, or Harmon Kardon, you just need the various adaptor looms. So, I’ll work away with pics, and step by step instructions :

Here’s the unmolested MINI Cooper Interior. The parts that will be coming out, are the cowling under the steering column, the left and right downtubes around the radio, the dashboard panel around the speedometer, and the radio itself.

I haven’t shown the removal od the Steering Column plastics, but it’s very very easy. Just move the steering column up to it’s highest position, insert your hands into the gap below the steering column, and pull down sharply. It will hinge out, and you can store it somewhere for replacement later. In this image, you can see me removing the 4 Torx T30 bolts that hold the down tubes in place. Remove and store them for replacement later.

Here’s how you remove the panel around the speedo, there’s 2 Torx T20 bolts hidden at the top of the panel, undo these two first of all and store them carefully. Then take each air vent closest to the speedo, and firmly rotate them 1/4 turn, they’ll pop off easily then. Finally, firmly grasp the plastic panel underneath the speedo itself and pull outwards. The panel will hinge out about 1 inch to allow easy removal of the downtubes.

Here you can see the right hand down tube removed, and the left about to be removed. Gently push the downtube towards the floor, and hinge forward. You should then be able to pull them out and upwards. Be warned on some late 05 models, it is impossible to pull them out and up, merely out – they’ll stay in place at the bottom.

Remove the 4 Torx T20 bolts holding in the radio, and pull the radio itself forward. Release both the wiring loom, and the antennae loom, and this is what you’ll be left with.

The Dension ICE>Link loom couldn’t be simpler to install. It’s shaped like the letter Y, one end goes into the radio, one goes into the loom where the radio was, and the other leg goes into the iPod interface. Here you can see one end plugged into the radio, and the other in my hand. It’s impossible to confuse these, as they’re in a male/female configuration, and you can’t plug the wrong connector into the wrong socket.

Here you can see me connecting the second leg of the Y wiring loom back into the car’s electrical system. It’s that simple, just push it in, and it’s done.

And here’s the 2 connectors mated together. The sheep at the bottom of this photo looks particularly smug for some reason šŸ˜‰

In this photo, you can see the last leg of the Y loom at the top, it’s the one with all the colour wires, and inside my fist is the ICE>Link itself. Simply push these two together and …

… you end up with one end of the ICE>Link connected.

Here’s the other side of the ICE>Link, and again, simply push these two connectors together and you get …

… the finished product. The final cable you connect actually goes to the iPod cradle. The iPod cradle comes with a no-holes mount, and when you reassemble the car, you simply hold it against the radio, and screw the radio back in as normal … the radio holds the bracket in place. Reassemble everything slowly, and don’t force anything back into place. When it’s all done, you should end up with something a little like this …

And as you can see, the track name is showing on the head unit itself. Not all MINI head units support the track names, but they all support the ICE>Link. It simply fools the headunit into thinking it has a CD Changer instead of an iPod.

Big thanks once again to Owen at The Mini Club Of Ireland!

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