Free Mini Cooper Parts!

Yes you read it right! Free Mini Cooper Parts!

Our Second Part to Give Away is a Grille Badge Holder By Craven Speed!

Mini Cooper speed is going to use the money from advertising on the site to bring you free Mini Cooper parts!

If you see an advertisement that looks interesting please check it out.  You never know some of the ad’s are a great bargain.

How can Mini Cooper Speed Afford this? Well the first round of parts will come out of my own pocket.  Hopefully the  advertisement links will help pay for some of the parts.

I am also xing my fingers that vendors will start to support the diy site movement to help fund the parts we are going to give away.

How do I get free parts? In order to get free Mini Cooper Parts you have to become active on the website.  Basically we are looking for individuals who are interested in writing How-To, DIY, articles.  We are going to draw the names of all the individuals who post informative articles on the website at the end of every two months or 20 articles.  One person in the group will be chosen randomly(name in the hat style) to win the part.  Each user will have there name in the hat for as many articles that they post in that time frame.  So if you post 5 times you will have 5 entries in the hat.  Articles that are post will be approved or denied by the site administrators before it becomes active.  If it is not approved you will get a notification of why and what you need to fix.

Where do I sign up to add articles?
You can sign up by registering here!
Register Here!

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